Two Cents from Schuster Football

With football winding down for both college and pro, here are some thoughts and ideas I’ve had during the year to improve the game.

·        Make the NFL bye weeks the same for all teams within a division.   I’ll never understand the idea of, for example, Dallas having a bye week 5 and then Philadelphia not having a bye until week 11.   My next suggestion is to then have the divisional teams play each other when they return from the bye week.   Think about it, it helps to eliminate an unnecessary advantage.  All teams in a division have a bye weeks and then when they return, two divisional games.   

·        With the transfer portal not going away in college football it would be highly advisable to remove the early signing period for the players.    Think about it, a player signing with team A might see the depth at a position is weak so he might see the field early in his career only to have two or three established players slide over to a team.    I know the argument is you pick the school not just for the team but let’s be realistic a good portion of the recruits that are on track for signing day are looking for their best spot to showcase their game for the next level.

·        With the recent success of recruiting by Deion Sanders at Jackson State, I hope to see more games from the HBCU games on national TV in the fall.   With the immense popularity of the NFL Draft having a weekly game spotlighting some future NFL talent would be a wise move for the NFL Network or maybe Amazon as it ventures into football coverage.   I certainly would rather a HBCU game with some future NFL talent over watching a replayed game from the previous Sunday.   

·        NFDL.   I hope someday the NFL realizes the advantage and market is there for a minor league system affiliated with the NFL.    With the challenges of Covid and the idea of putting the best product out there a minor league system would work.   Think NFL Europe which produced countless of legendary and some Hall of Famers but just in North America.   Keep an eye this year for a full breakdown of my idea of a NFDL League.

·        I wonder what it would take for the NFL to follow the MLB channel during the off-season or down periods and show some football movies and TV shows.   I mean who wouldn’t watch Rudy, Remember the Titans, We Are Marshall, The Blind Side, The Express, Invincible or any of the other great football movies.  Have any to add to the list please email me or hit me up at @ftballdialgoue

·        Did you know the average salary of an NFL Water boy is $53,000?   Look it up.

NFL Coaching Openings?

·        Chicago Bears: since they normally don’t hire a coach with prior head coaching experience (John Fox being a unicorn in their history) any of the names floating around with a head coaching resume are likely out.   I think with Justin Fields in place we may have finally found the perfect match for Eric Bieniemy (Kansas City OC).  

·        Jacksonville Jaguars:  This job would be a lot more appealing if Jags ownership hits the reset button completely and replaces Trent Baalke too, but with this franchise that’s not likely to happen.   So the appeal has to be the chance to coach Trevor Lawrence and have a top five draft pick in April.    If the Jaguars truly reset and move on from Baalke I could see Doug Pederson coming to town but if Baalke remains they will have to go the coordinator route and someone like Nathaniel Hackett or Byron Leftwich might be the choice.

·        Denver Broncos: George Paton will want his own long term head coach and my gut tells me he’ll move on from Vic Fangio.   Fangio has done a solid job but without a real top tier quarterback on the roster there is only so much that can be done.   This draft does not have any sure fire hits at quarterback but some interesting candidates that might land to Denver in the top half of the draft.    A combo move of holding onto Teddy Bridgewater or trading for Nick Foles or Andy Dalton and drafting a Kenny Pickett or Carson Strong.  With so much to decide on QB the ideal hire would be Brian Daboll from the Bills.  

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