Two Cents from Schuster Football Vol 2

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Predications Sure to Go Wrong and some other thoughts.

Every so often I like to put my football thoughts to print on things that just seem obvious to me. The fun thing is to see these how these thoughts hold up against what actually goes on in football. Check out my latest football thoughts, ideas and predicitions.

·        Green Bay Packers trade Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams to the Denver Broncos.A trade for Patrick Surtain, Jerry Jeudy and 2 number one picks should do it.  Green Bay gets out of the drama business and some nice building blocks for the future and Denver gets a small window with the 38-year-old Rodgers to win another Super Bowl.

·        San Francisco 49’ers trade Jimmy Garoppolo to the Pittsburgh Steelers for the 20th pick in round 1 of the April draft and a conditional pick in 2023.    San Francisco would get themselves back in the first round and Garoppolo out of the NFC.   Steelers would get a playoff test quarterback to slide into the starting role and keep playoff expectations alive. (Although how great would it be if he finally replace Tom Brady somewhere).

·        Mike Mayock ends up joining the Amazon broadcast as their “GM type guy” in the studio show for their games and draft analysis.   Mayock is a sharp person who always did his homework and now after being a GM for the Raiders a perspective not many can offer when it comes to day-to-day activity in the NFL.

·        Sean Payton will be the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys in 2023.  Too many signs point to it happening.  Granted if Dallas wins the Super Bowl all bets are off but that has not happened in 27 years and counting I see another divisional title and first round exit.   Welcome Sean Payton in 2023 until then he goes to Fox Sports and replaces Troy Aikman. Aikman makes the move to Amazon.

·        Patrick Graham is going to be a steal for some team as defensive coordinator.    NY Giants should try to retain him. Graham will have a pick of jobs but I can see him landing in Pittsburgh as they start a new era.

·        Could DeMeco Ryans eventually replace Nick Saban at Alabama?   A lot of people are connecting Dabo Sweeney to that job but if Ryans continues to shine in the NFL and lands a head coaching job the chance to return to his alma mater would be tempting and an off the radar right now candidate.

·        Could the Philadelphia Eagles take two of their three number one picks and Jalen Hurts and package it to Seattle?  That would be tempting even more if they were not in the same conference.

As for the OT rule debate I think the real answer is the game should just continue into a 5th quarter with first team scoring wins. Example Team A scores the tieing points with 45 seconds left, team B gets the kickoff and continues the drive at the end of the quarter and into a 5th quarter just like if it was to happen between the first and second or third and fourth. I honestly don’t understand the idea of the coin toss idea.

Some HBCU names to learn from a Bleacher Report article

Dee Anderson WR Alabama A&M

Keith Corbin WR III Jackson State

Aqeel Glass QB Alabama A&M

Trey Gross WR Delaware State

Cory Rahman S Tennessee State

Two nice breakdown on players that would help the Cowboys and would be available in April.

I have to laugh when I read and hear national media talk about the problems of the Cowboys offense had last year but then read 9 out of 10 mocks have Dallas heavy on D for day 1 and 2.

Another thing that makes me laugh those who say McCarthy and Payton are similar coaches. Payton is one of the two best play callers in the league and his teams are normally at the top of many categories but penalties isn’t one of them.

Miami Dolphins blew it Daboll should have been the hire.

One name to learn is Ken Dorsey. One of the brightest young minds. Should be a head coach by 2024. He was the leader of the best college football team of all time and has worked wonders every he’s gone just ask Cam or Josh

Isn’t football the best sport. You are free from following it from early May until late July. Enjoy the warm weather, family time and being outside then come back early August.

Have any of your own predictions feel free to share and until next time.

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